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Read what folks are saying about Don Rose Plumbing

For nearly 10 years, Don Rose has been our "go to" contractor for many projects in our home, built in 1939. The first job was moving an indoor water heater out to the garage, and we were impressed with his work on every level: the careful way he planned the project from start to finish, ensuring that it would pass inspection and would be functional and convenient. He leaves things clean at the end of the day, he always shows up when he says he will, and he has great attention to detail. He has hand-built wooden window ledges, installed a dishwasher in a hard-to-fit place, replaced a staircase banister, and installed a sprinkler system. He has completed both large and small projects, and in every instance completed the job as well as making improvements that will make the project last for decades to come. He is patient and hard-working, and he has a key to our house because we always know we will be calling him back when there is something new to be done.
Amy in Land Park


What's not to like about Don Rose? His knowledge is vast (including about city-code permits), his work is precise, and he goes out of his way to research materials and find good deals on them. For us, Don has fixed plumbing problems, put up wainscoting (individual boards, not prefabs), installed a gas stove, updated our electricity, put up a pot rack, shored up a kitchen pass-through, fixed our doorbell, and much more. He does everything in a timely fashion, with minimum disruption to our lives. All that and he's friendly, doesn't smoke and doesn't have music blaring when he works. What's not to like?
-- Reed Parsell, midtown Sacramento

I strongly recommend Don Rose for all one's plumbing needs, including methods and measures to best control water consumption. I might add, that Don is also a general contractor, who mainly does all his own work (plumbing, electrical and construction). What labor assistance he uses when the need arises, is priced at a very moderate amount. Frankly, I do not think there is anything a home owner might need, that Don could not do to that owner's complete satisfaction. He scrupulously abides by all building codes or regulations, and his work will pass inspection. He is on time, he works clean, and he is honest and fair-minded in his charges.
-- Peter M. Doyle

Don Rose did a fine job on my major bathroom remodel; We put in heated slate floors, a huge Jacuzzi tub, Rinnai Tankless water heater installation, lots of extras like a lighted make-up mirror and recycled glass tiled alcoves with lighting on dimmer switches. Beautiful finished work that has stood up well over four years now. He even found problems behind the scenes and competently fixed them. This is one of many projects I have done with Don Rose. He's the first person I'll go to for my next home remodel project.
--Carol, Sacramento, Hollywood Park neighborhood..

Tile work is great

Rich can be contacted at 916.995-8453.

Also their is a web site for R.W. Morgan Company Contractors License #684003